About the "Author"

My name is Sarah and I'd like it if you called me anything but that, because my name is so common it hurts. I'm 22, and live in southern New Hampshire. I grew up in Massachusetts, though, in the heroin capital of the US! Hooray!

Pretty much all of my best stories come from my adventures with the people in my life, including but not limited to: my mom, my fiance Jeff, and my best friends Odessa and Cori. You'll see them pop up here a lot.

Now, actually "about me" things. I like zombies and vampires and Pokemon and I really suck at talking about myself. I started blogging because I've always liked making people laugh and since I'm way too afraid of attention to become a stand-up comedian (at least yet), blogging seemed like the best way to be out there in the world after seeing the success of The Bloggess and Allie Brosh, and also laughing at them until I cried real, actual tears out of my face holes.

I promise I don't bite, and I'm friendly. And if you (for whatever unknown reason) think I'm awesome, you should tell me you think so, because it will most likely make my day because I have dangerously low self-esteem and I thrive on the acceptance of others.

I may also need therapy.

If you actually read all of this, tell me so I can spend an entire post writing about how awesome you are and promoting your blog/website/webcomic/whatever and telling everyone to look at you. I may only have 5 readers, but they're the coolest readers ever.