Thursday, April 16, 2015

Adventures In Youtube (AKA, Being Crazy Is Hard)

I know, I'm really good at keeping up with this blog.

I was really busy with work for a while at a candle factory, which was super fun sometimes! But also really bad for my mental health, it turns out. I'm getting better now, but I needed to take some time to let my brain get better.

In the meantime, though, when I'm not taking care of the pets and such, I actually have a YouTube channel. I play video games while recording my commentary during my gameplay, and sometimes it's funny, and sometimes it gets real. You know how popular Mystery Science Theater 3000 used to be? It's basically the same concept, just with video games. It's really fun, and I really love doing it, and if listening to me ramble on about things or react to weird shit happening sounds like fun for you, it'd be really nice if you checked it out. Maybe one day I could make doing videos a priority, and I could actually be happy, if it really started working out for me.

Anyway, I also watch a lot of MTV's Catfish and try to organize my life and write my novel and juggle a few other things in my head that are all ping-ponging around. Being crazy is really hard.

Oh! My god! I can't believe I forgot to include that my mom had a baby! She is really fucking cute and I love her to absolute pieces. And yeah, it'll be weird that I'm 23, my brother is 19, and we now have a two week old sister, but fuck it. She's fucking cute.

I love her.

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