Monday, August 13, 2012

Life Is Happening To Me!

So, as of right now, and unless anything in the next four days goes wrong, and unless anything at all changes...I will be moving in with Jeff this Friday, the 17th!

And as most people probably know, this is the first time I've ever moved out of home, and will hopefully be the last. I can't imagine anything bad ever happening between me and Jeff where I'd have to move back home, but you know what I mean. Anyway, this is the first time I've ever even come close to such a thing in my life, and the closest I've ever come to actually being an adult. Of course, I am terrified and excited beyond belief.

Right now I'm caught in the beginning stages of the packing process and wow, it really sucks. I'm only not doing anything now because for some reason my hip is killing me and I can't stand up, or else I'd be organizing all my books and shit. The plan right now gives me three more days (Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday) to pack up everything I own into tiny little boxes to be driven 40 minutes north to a teeny little town that has a population of 34,000 less than the city I live in right now. Where their movie theater shows one movie at a time. Where the diner and the bookshop share a parking lot. Where "Moose Crossing" signs are everywhere. Where you probably won't hear sirens every night, and where you most likely will never hear a gunshot go off. Where your neighbors won't light off illegal fireworks at all hours of the night any time of the year, just because they can. Where our neighbors in our complex will be daycare runners, not drug runners. Where I actually have job opportunities and can get my life started, instead of being overshadowed for university students and thousands of single moms who need those jobs more than I do. Where I can actually walk out of my home at night and not feel instantly terrified just because I'm a young girl in a scary neighborhood.

I'm so excited.

Now, your job is to please let me know that being terrified the first time you move out is normal. Please let me know I'm not crazy because I have so many emotions right now that I don't think I could pinpoint only one at a time. And your job is also to listen to me through this whole process over on my Twitter, because I can tweet directly from my phone whenever the hell I want.

Oh, and the funniest thing? It turns out starting a cable/internet service is super expensive, so we're going to be without it for a while. Which is fine! But for a month+ I'll have disappeared completely from the internet, and that will be weird. So, for those who care, rest assured that when I have internet again (or if Jeff will let me borrow his phone or something, damn his stupid smartphone and unlimited data package) I'll post again and let everyone know I'm still alive and am adjusting well. At other places on the internet I'll post pictures of the apartment since I have some friends who are curious, and I'll probably link to them on Twitter, if anyone cares.

That's all there is, I think. I've kind of dropped out of this blogging scene and Twitter the last month and it's's been a big whirlwind of "what the fuck is happening to me right now" stuff. So I hope I haven't lost any of you. I love you guys.

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  1. Awesome congrats on the move! And I know what you mean, we just cut our package back. We have a bundle for internet, phone, and tv. It costs us now 106 bucks a month (instead of the 180) we were at!

    Good luck on job hunting! :)