Monday, August 27, 2012

I'm An Adult Now, Mommy!

Nothing went wrong, and I moved out of my mom's house. Now I live with Jeff and things are going really fucking awesomely. A friend is helping us move our couch tomorrow so we'll finally have a couch and we'll start arranging the living room and then the bedroom can get organized and it can start looking like a real apartment and we can start having people over and I can stop the "when I get my place organized" conversation. I'm so excited!

It is a little weird, living with Jeff, though. He works nights, so for 10 or so hours every weeknight I'm totally alone, which is strange for me and is sometimes a little scary. I live in a little...cul-de-sac, I guess I'd call it, of buildings, and we're surrounded by the woods. And stuff lives in the woods. So when I hear the woods making noise, it makes me reinforce my locked front door and pretend I never heard anything. Other than the "being alone at night" thing, it's really awesome being with him pretty much all the time. I used to miss him so much during the week when he would go home and I'd have to wait until the weekend to see him again, and now I never have to do that again. It feels weird to get to say that. I never have to miss him again.

It is nice that I live surrounded by people so if I scream, it's not like space. Someone will hear me.

I also have pictures of my place! I decided it would be cool to take some pre-couch/pre-organization pictures, and then some post-couch/post-organization ones, and then whenever we move out of this place, I can look back on my first place fondly. Or not fondly, if, you know, something bad happens here. Who knows.

This is the bathroom and I laugh every time I step into my ugly-ass forest green bathtub, by the way,
And this is my lightsaber, in its home under the smoke detector, because I'm too short to reach the button, which I'm pretty sure is the set-up for one really huge cosmic joke.

Another cosmic joke is that the first night we slept here I fell asleep facing the opposite way of Jeff (so his feet were in my face, and my feet in his) and I dreamt that he cheated on me with a girl I know personally but am not friends with. Thanks, subconscious! I appreciate that panic attack I had first thing in the morning after the first night I spent in my new home.

Anyway, that's the news. I'm not very funny lately. I've been using all my funny on Jeff because his laugh is my favorite thing ever. Bye!

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