Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Missing Grandma/Adventures In Boston, 2.0

I'll start part one off by saying my grandmother never leaves the house except to go out to eat once every never, and to go to her appointments. She's also on oxygen 24/7, and you can hear her machine running throughout the whole house.  Now that you know this, I can continue.

My parents went out yesterday to run a bunch of errands, and about a half hour later Jeff and I had to do the same. I assumed that, as always, my grandmother was home. I showered, got dressed, and we started to leave when I noticed the house was...unusually quiet. This house is never quiet. That's one thing I can always count on. I thought it weird that my grandmother would have gone with my parents to run a bunch of errands all day, as her idea of fun is watching MASH or The Waltons all day and being grumpy at everyone that walks by. So as we were walking out of the house I texted my mom:

Me: Please tell me you have Nana.
Mom: Damn, is she out wandering the streets again? (yes, we have her)
Me: Dammit, not again.
Mom: Nana who?

My mom is awesome.

And in other news, in case you somehow missed the memo, I got to go see Jenny Lawson in Brookline on Friday! It was honestly a fantastic couple hours of my life and I'm so glad I got to do it because I'll probably never do anything like that ever again in my life.

I'm sad because there were a ton of us there, probably at least a hundred people (I cannot count) and when it came time for the book signing, everyone scrambled to get up the stairs, understandably. The left side of the stairs, after I had already made it up the right side of the stairs alive and was excited, had been determined to be the line, and I would have to go all the way to the end and wait for hours. And that's when I realized I was surrounded by 100 strangers and I started to hyperventilate a little and had to leave the bookstore. Jeff went outside before me to get some fresh air and I joined him and he was all "?" and I was all "Ican'tIcan'tIcan'tIcan'tIcan't" and almost started to cry right there on the sidewalk. So thanks, claustrophobia and anxiety, for being huge angry bitches during a very important moment in my life.

I still had a wonderful day with Jeff and I still got to be in the same room with my hero and hear her read one of my favorite chapters from her book. A woman who has most definitely saved me from myself a few times in the last few years, who I look up to a lot. I'll never be able to do that again, and I'm glad I got to. Even if my book goes unsigned forever.

So thank you, Jeffery, for helping me, for taking me, for making a day out of it, and for dealing with my grumpy/achy/sad self all day. You are wonderful and made of puppies and I love you a lot. (PS. I'm sorry I left my pants in your car again after all weekend I said I would take them out. I am a really good girlfriend, right?)

So that was my weekend. How was yours?

PS. I recognized a lot of faces at the event but I know I wouldn't have known any of the people there. It was actually creeping me out, how many faces I thought I knew.

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  1. Aww man. Anxiety sucks. I'm sorry you had such a craptastic experience waiting in line. I used to have really bad anxiety too, I went on Cipralex and it helped a ton!! Not saying you should do that...but you know...I want to help and that's all I got!!

    I'm glad you got to listen to her talk!

    You're so cute.

    Hang in there chicky!