Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Almost Christmas And It's About Time I Actually Blogged

Before I begin I should mention that my computer broke and I'm typing this on a borrowed iPod touch on a free Blogger app so if things are formatted all weird or if there's a weird typo, that is why and I am apologizing. I suck at proofreading.

Now then. I didn't want this Christmas to be quite like this. I had planned on having a paying job and being able to buy my friends proper gifts instead of just making everyone cards with weird drawings like I always do (that I haven't even gotten around to yet! I massively suck.) but since the employment in this city has been terrible for me, I can't do that. So I'm leaving. And once I leave and don't live in a complete college town where the college kids and single moms need that paycheck far more than I do, maybe I'll find something. And if I don't for a while...that really sucks for me, but I'll figure something out. Either way, nothing has happened for me here, ever, and it's pointless to stay much longer.

Hopefully before the end of January y'all will be hearing some good "oh my god my own apartment?!" stories. Because I have no idea how to be an adult so watching that shitshow is just going to be awesome for you guys.

Life updates are boring but I haven't provided one since Halloween so I missed an entire holiday for no reason. I suck. I promise in the future I'll stop being unfunny. Don't hate me.

Also? I'm about to start making out my Christmas cards and if anyone wants request. I'll give you my email so you can send me your address and I promise I won't stalk you and kill your family. I personalize them and I'll draw you psychotic bears or potatoes or something.

And since I don't foresee myself writing any more posts until at least New Year's, Merry fucking Christmas, y'all. I love all of you.

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