Friday, September 23, 2011

I Have A Really Weird Problem.

I've had this problem since I was just a wee one. It once actually got my mother and I in trouble in a grocery store. It gets me strange looks in public and even when I am among my closest friends.

My problem... that I have this horrible need to touch everything.

In stores, I touch items on the shelves. I touch things that look soft or rough or weird on clothing racks. I touch the racks themselves sometimes. I touch shoes and shoelaces and the little plastic bits on the ends of shoelaces (which are called aglets, by the way. I hope you remember that for the rest of your lives, because I know I will just because it's a weird tidbit of information). I cannot be stopped.

When I was maybe two or three years old, I was running my hand along a line of jam jars in a grocery store. I knocked one over. Because why wouldn't that happen? It made a huge sticky mess and my mother was embarrassed and had to apologize 100 times to the poor person who had to clean it. Even knowing this, I still do it. I have to. I have to touch things. I have to know what they feel like.

I have this weird thing. I don't know if anyone else does it, but of the people I know who I've told this to, none of them have any idea what I'm talking about and don't experience this. When I look at something, usually clothes because there are so many different textures to clothing, it's like my eyes can tell what the material feels like. And I guess my touching things issue is me needing to see if my eyes are correct. They usually are. It's so weird.

I don't even know why I'm discussing this on my blog. I'm supposed to be funny.

Oh, also? I have a weird candle-smelling compulsion. If it's a candle, and it is not poo-scented, I must smell it. I must. I know that's a common thing but it makes me laugh. I don't even notice I do it anymore and people yell at me for smelling their candles all the time. Oops.


  1. It's called a mild case of OCD and it's not that uncommon.

  2. I have the EXACT SAME ISSUE! My mom used to yell at me all the time about it when I was little. Even before going into a store she would pull me aside and say, "Ok, when we go in here, we're not going to touch anything!" Obviously that didn't work, and I still touch everything.
    Hah, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one.