Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Funny Thing About Me When I'm Tired I do silly things and then don't even remember doing them.

Guys. I really didn't remember writing that post. Like...I knew I did it. I remember seeing myself writing it and giggling to myself because I thought was so silly. But I thought I was dreaming. Because everything was really fuzzy around the edges and it went by really fast. I thought it was a dream. And, no. It is totally, perfectly real and I can't believe I wrote a sex letter to Craig Ferguson. Dear God.

So I'm not even going to delete it. It'll stay on my blog forever. And I hope one day he finds it when he's on his Googling Himself Adventures and finds it as funny as I do. Or that he comes to my house and propositions me for sex. Either way.

So with that...I bid adieu. For now.

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