Saturday, June 25, 2011

This Post Has No Title Because I'm Too Shocked To Be Funny

Can y'all see that?

Yes, that is over 1000 views in the last week, just from one comment I made on Jenny the Bloggess's latest post.

What the shit?

Do you want to see the comment in question? The thing that made over 1000 people come flocking to my tiny square of the internet?

I told Jenny I want to have chicken adventures with her and said her husband isn't understanding. I'm a bad person and it got my blog a lot of traffic. Perhaps the awesome title of my post drew you all in, but either way, you are all very warped and strange people, and I love all of you. Now I have to go sacrifice some innocent people for no reason, and I hope y'all have a good day.


  1. Haha well that's one way to drive traffic! Now you know all you need to do when your blog traffic hits a slump is just find another giant chicken story to comment on.

  2. hahaha I got here too because I saw your comment on theblogess chicken post! =))

  3. That's too funny -- and exactly the way I got to your site! Oh, and I read your ENTIRE about page ... doesn't that entitle me to a full post?? :)

  4. but I'm your best friend (((( sad russia