Friday, April 1, 2011

I'm Highly Concerned.

The only tag I can use for this post is "what the fuck Google". It is the only tag I can find that is accurate...enough.

I have recently become very aware of the fact that my hair is an ugly, icky color. My roots are showing, and it's too long. I can never make it look good. And when my hair is this long all I do is throw it up in a ponytail anyway. So I figure I might as well just cut it and look nice and start from scratch with a whole new color and everything.

I went to Google to seek guidance on how to successfully cut my own hair. I've cut my hair many times before but I want to actually not fuck it up this time.

Click all the pictures to magically make them larger and therefore easier to read.

Here is my Google search result for "how to successfully":

And here's the results for "how to successfully cut":

"how to successfully cut yourself"
"how to successfully cut your wrists"

How has that been Googled so many times that those two results are just the instant pop-up?

Of course now I have to click on the first one.

Stop the planet. I want to get off.

I'd also like to say that if you are seriously experiencing the desire to cut yourself that bad, please ask someone for help. It's okay to reach out. It's okay to ask for help. Because you're pretty much just embarrassing yourself by asking Google how to harm your body.

*I am actually not from Framingham, and forgot to edit that out and I'm not going back to edit it now so don't even think about it, stalker-rapists. I don't even live there. Get out of Framingham.

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