Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Am An Idiot. (also, tmi)

I think I'm lactose intolerant.

Any time I eat or drink anything that has milk in it (except for cheese, I have to have a lot of cheese for it to affect me) I get violent stomach pains and my anus explodes with fury.

I haven't told my doctor about this yet because I'm not allowed to make another appointment for another...6 months? And I totally forgot to mention it when I saw her last. So, yes, this is entirely my fault for not actually being diagnosed and I am dumb, stop telling me.

This weird reaction to dairy products has been going on since last August-ish, I think. And yet I'm still an idiot and I still eat cereal and milk or ice cream or milk and cookies or coffee all the time. I'm so fucking cool.

Earlier today my friend's mom and I dropped friend off at her class and then friend's mom was all "okay let's go to the convenience store and pee and get drinks! 8D" and I was like WOO! Because I really had to pee and I was thirsty.

I saw the cappuccino machine and got excited because the cappuccinos Cumberland Farms has are fucking awesome and I was all FUCK YEAH LET'S GET SOME WHITE HOT CHOCOLATE IN THIS BITCH. WOO.

Hours later, I am still feeling the fury.

I am an idiot.


  1. Dude I have lactose allergies, too. God it really, really sucks, especially when you want to eat some delicious ice cream or have some cereal and then when you do, it feels like there's a volcano erupting all throughout your bowels.
    Uhhh BUT I am no doctor. You may want to see if you can find some Lactaid tablets, though, and see if that helps at all? /nohelp
    Either ways, I really hope you feel better. I've...got a bunch of stuff wrong up all in my guts and brains so I know how it feels and it's not fun at all. 8c <3

  2. Thankfully there's this REALLY awesome brand of lactose-free milk that we sometimes buy and it's really delicious but for some reason whenever we buy it I'm never in a milk mood. Dx Lactaid tablets are a good idea though, I've seen them actually work for a few people before. 8C <3