Monday, January 24, 2011

Brought To You By

Except not really I guess, since I'm not being paid by anyone for it? I don't know.

Thanks to this guy who I will now follow and read every single one of his posts (you just got yourself a new fan, bub) I found this website called You just enter whatever you want in your slogan and it comes up with a slogan. Keep clicking the button. They get better.

Here are some I've come upon in the last ten seconds that made me laugh so hard I snorted, then started wheezing because when I laugh I forget to breathe.

Have a bit of rahzombie when you're tired. - Um. No.

rahzombie - This is your playground. - Are you kidding? Now I feel like a whore or something.

It's time to taste rahzombie. - No, it is not. At all.

It must be rahzombie. - It must.

rahzombie the flavor you can't forget. - Another one about my taste? WTF. This website is run by cannibals who don't know how to use commas or dashes.

rahzombie for everybody. - I'm like Herpes. Everybody gets some.

rahzombie never die. - Okay. I won't.

rahzombie shot from guns. - Um. Ouch?

Made like, taste like rahzombie. - I quit.

I'm choking on my own air. Or lack of. Yay.

So, get your own slogans and share some because this is hilarious. Please.


  1. this is amazing. and will be another website i spend too much time on when i am supposed to be at the post office.:P

  2. "Don't play with fire, but play with Ink." o-o oh my.

    "Ink is the World famous for quality." I think they are calling me a whore. O___o;;

    "Ink is easy." Yep...definitely calling me a whore. Bastards.

    I love you for this. I'm going to be amused for hours.

  3. OMFG lmao. I die. EVERYONE WANTS TO TASTE YOU those frickin cannibals