Friday, December 10, 2010

This Is What Happens When You Subject Yourself To The Internet, I Guess



God, y'all

I was checking my stats (again, because I am insecure) and I found some traffic from a site called "Pingy". Or something like that. And I was all, I've never heard of that before. The hell?

So I clicked on it. It turns out...

[click to enlarge]


Someone found my blog...because a website listed me among "Ancient Archaeology" and "Goddesses and God".

It makes sense, because Rah was the Sun God, or whatever. But...really?

And thanks, Google:

...I'm going back to bed. The internet is against me today.


  1. if someone was cheering and they just said "rah" instead of "hoorah!", i would totally think they were being sarcastic. like, you have to be excited enough to say the whole word or you just shouldn't say anything at all. :P

  2. Hahaha, I'd think they were being half-assed. You won the game? RAH! hoo involved here.

  3. when i think about someone saying "rah" i imagine ben stein saying it. like the clear eyes commercial when he goes "wow." like that! ha ha ha!

  4. See, I would just think of it as one step closer to superstardom!...but I'm obsessive that way...