Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Obligatory Christmas Post

I've seen a lot of blogposts in the last week from my favorite people, all about Christmas songs or their traditions or what they've gotten their families for presents. I'd like to do something similar.

My lovely and funny bloggyfriend Jess posted about her favorite and least favorite Christmas songs, and it sparked my inspiration and made me want to do the same.

So, here are some of my favorite Christmas songs, in no particular order, and with links to my favorite version of the songs on Youtube:

Baby, It's Cold Outside - I like duet-y songs. And I love this video because Julia Nunes (the girl in the bathtub and onesie) is one of the most fabulous people on the planet. This song is just so happy and cheerful and if you can listen to this song without thinking of the scene in Elf then you need to go watch the movie a few hundred times. Now go watch all of Julia's videos.

Blue Christmas - I love Elvis. I love every song Elvis has ever sung (well, maybe not every one, but most of them at least), especially Christmas music. Mmm, Elvis the Pelvis. Don't judge me.

Dominick the Donkey - Stop judging me, okay?

And this song isn't a Christmas song, but a literal video of a Christmas song. I can't explain it, you just have to enjoy it.

Now, as for my family's traditions. We don't really have many that are out of the ordinary, I don't think. Every Christmas Eve at 7PM, we're allowed to open one present if we so wish to. Every Christmas morning, my brother, uncle and I are the first ones awake. We stumble downstairs to open all the shit in our stockings (full of little things like toothpaste, toothbrushes, little jewelry things for me, shampoo, soaps, candy, stuff like that) and wait for everyone else to wake up. Since my grandmother sleeps on the first floor (as she's too frail to climb the stairs, we made a bedroom for her downstairs) she wakes up after us and joins us.

My parents always wake up obnoxiously later than the rest of us. We wake up at about 6 or 7 and they get up at 9. 9! That's like two or three hours we have to wait to open presents. But, anyway. Once they wake up and come downstairs and everyone has some coffee, one of the family volunteers to be "Santa", who basically just grabs a random present and hands it off to whoever it belongs to. Then they open it, and the next present is passed to whoever it belongs to, so-on and so forth. Rather normal, though I know a lot of people whose families just open all their presents at once and go off on their merry ways. That seems weird to me.

Anyway, that's pretty much it. No family Christmas parties. Every year we go and visit my father's parents' house and see my aunt and exchange presents with them but we haven't really done it the last couple years since money is tight for everyone. And last year, we went to my stepdad's family's party, which was so much fun. This year, the day after Christmas, they're doing it again, and I think I'll go. I like that family. I wish they were my real family sometimes.

Anyway. Now it's your turn. Tell me some of your favorite or least favorite Christmas songs, movies, anything. And some of your traditions. I AM ALL EARS.


  1. first of all, don't think i didn't notice your SUPER fresh labels. herpes?!?! you are so fresh.

    we also open one present on xmas eve, it is ALWAYS a new pair of jammies to wear to bed.

    we weren't allowed to open A N Y T H I N G until our parents woke up. nothing!!!! nary a candy bar. AWFUL. and when we were little we just free for all ripped open our presents and were done in 1.6 minutes. now we have to be civilized and do it one at a time. :)

    merry xmas, fellow masshole!! you're present will be on the way soon!!!!

  2. Ahahah, everybody loves my weird labels.

    We normally get to choose but sometimes my mom will step in and say YOU SHOULD OPEN *THIS* ONE if it's something she knows we want or need or something, haha.

    I think we're only allowed to open our stockings without our parents because as kids we were SO impatient that they let us do SOMETHING so that we'd stfu and let my mom sleep. xD

    Merry Christmas! :D And yay!