Monday, November 8, 2010

Technorati Is Out To Get Me

Me: What the fuck? I was tagged as "poor" on Technorati*?

Cori: Wow. Your blog is definitely hilarious.

Me: I'm among things like "Bad Credit Mortgage Loans" and "Bow Wow Wishes He Was Dead". What the fuck. I have like, two unfunny posts.

Cori: Whatever. You're hilarious.

Me: I will show you all.

No more serious posts. Just stories and dialogue and weird things that come out of my brain. I WILL SHOW YOU HOW FUNNY I AM, WORLD.

Don't test me, bitches.

*I didn't actually say "Technorati", I just explained to my friend Cori what it actually was because I have this need to explain everything so that people understand what I say.

It never works. :C

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