Monday, November 8, 2010

I'll Do Anything To Get Out Of Jogging

Brett: Hi.

Me: Hey.

Brett: What's up?

Me: Nothing. I'm with Cori. You?

Brett: I'm at work. It's just awful. Tell him I said hi.

Me: What are you doing texting at work?

Brett: I do what I want when I want.

Me: You rebel you.

Brett: I know, right?

Me: You are so rebellious and cool. How can I ever learn to be as cool as you?

Brett: Chicken pot pie. And lots of jogging.

Me: But I don't even like chicken pot pie. Or jogging. I'm doomed to be uncool forever.

Brett: There are ways around it. But most involve a grueling quest and slaying a dragon.

Me: I could handle that. It's still better than jogging.

Brett: The quest may involve some brisk walking and/or powerwalking.

Me: Fuck. I just can't win.

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