Monday, November 8, 2010

I Don't Even *Have* A Phone

Cori: Ugh. The phone is ringing downstairs. I'm so not going to answer it.

Me: What phone? I didn't hear ringing.

Cori: Yeah...the phone never rang. We don't even have a phone.

Me: I don't even speak English. Me no comprende ring ring.

Cori: I don't even know what a phone is.

Me: Ring ring.

1 comment:

  1. I'm commenting this as anonymous..cuz I can..even though this is Cori bladhjflahdsf..O-e if it even works.
    e-e I'm paranoid that it's not now.
    oh well. I'm gunna take the time to type it cuz I already typed like over a hundred letters/punctuations not including spaces..I gave up counting after 110
    I love us Sarah. XD
    What's a phone?
    I don't understand these crazy human gadgets. making funny noises at me from different rooms. SAY IT TO MY FACE WEIRD RINGY THING~!